When the Body Remembers What the Mind Forgets

A movement (an arm raised). An idiom (“piece of meat”). A recognizable scent (after the rain). I can’t quite identify the familiarity, but my body remembers.¬†Could my body really recall what the mind flushes out?¬†Hyper-vigilance as rudimentary as the right/left pattern of my steps, I hold my breath in fear, hide my face in shame, […]

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The First Day of the Rest of Her Life

Four thousand four hundred and seventy four days ago her freedom fallacy simultaneously emerged and dissipated. As the story goes, an invisible white elephant appeared, bearing the comparably light weight of an emaciated black lamb. The stress of an unknown environment forced the premature delivery of her illegitimate offspring. The labor–painful, the afterbirth–swallowed up in […]

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The Stars That Burn

When I was a young child, I remember coloring red apples, earning stickers, and being encouraged to try new things. Every dream was destined to occur, if not in the moment, then when I was “big enough.” I was going to be an inventor, and there was really no hesitation about it. I had big […]

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The First Step

A logical reason I never started this official journey is because there is no fluidity to what captures me. I am always living in the moment, and each moment presents the opportunity for me to become focused on (or distracted by) something else. Blogs are for bowling balls, barreling towards their strike while gaining momentum, not for pin-balls, aimlessly lighting up and sounding off alarms while adding points and penalties along the way.This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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