About the Author

K.D. Roche is a creative non-fiction author. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her partner and daughter. She does independent contract work as a public speaker, sharing her experience and recovery process from  having overcome childhood sex-trafficking, drug and alcohol addiction, an eating disorder.

“I want people to know that your (negative) experiences do not have to define you. Trauma carries a negative impact on our minds and bodies, but it can also strengthen a person by building resiliency, hope, and creativity. The mind and body are miraculous–they find a way to survive unimaginable hardship and stress.”

K.D. is pursuing a degree in both business and neuroscience, preparing herself to accomplish her dream of opening up a non-profit business school for women in poverty. She is passionate about finding innovative and holistic approaches to recovery from adverse experiences,  and sharing her findings with mental health professionals, law-enforcement, and the community at large. If you would like to keep up with her training and live videos you can follow her on Facebook 

She is also currently training her own psychiatric service dog and is documenting that journey. If you are interested in following this venture, check out PTSDeetz!

Interested in reading her story? She published her childhood experiences in the book Made in the U.S.A.