May Darkness Flee

The body buries pounds of pain

Resiliency resists the drain

The drain of hope; the falling star

The torment etches bleak memoir

My soul treads water rising fast

A prayer, a line, I breathe my last

Let it end or break my ties

I live in fear, each day I die

The voices, memories, sights I see

Eliminate the present me

Cover my ears, I block the cries

I try to push out all the lies

Exhausted heart, mind, body cease

Agonized they beg relief

Wrestling, struggling, pushing steady

My fear whispers,  “I’m not ready”

And so I curl up in a hunch

Somehow survive the sucker-punch

I writhe and bleed and lay in shock

My demons laugh, my captors mock

“I swore to you, you shook your head,

If you escape, your soul’s still dead.”

The hater of all that I am

Deceived me with a lover’s scam

Still I wake most every day

I pray his cursed voice away

Some days I smile, live so free

The evil waits so patiently.

When timing’s right

an unfair fight

The demon strangles, suffocates

A hopeful voice— darkness abates

Epidermis layers peel

Opening up so I can heal

My flesh thins, exposed I lay

“I’m ready,” I silently cry

I thought that I had faced my giant

Throwing rocks, still his compliant

Hiding sorrow, grief and rage

I lock them in his power cage

“You cannot speak you deaf, dumb slave

all you do is misbehave”

The all familiar drowning voice

Screams louder than all other noise

“They are smart, they look, abhor

They know you’re nothing but a whore.

You think I punish?

They will more”

“Go ahead and run away;

I’ll watch your self-worth decay

Today, tomorrow, each day forth

I’ll always master, you’ll always whore

With every fright and memory

I fight to heal and find my peace.

Strong, courageous, passionate

Snazzy, sassy, full of wit

Your days are done,

you lying fool

This path I choose

you have no rule.

Its dark

I’m scared

and though I am weak

I’ll climb the summit of Everest’s peak


2 thoughts on “May Darkness Flee

  1. As someone who does not have a creative bone in her body let alone understands poetry, this is so riveting, beautiful, heart wrenching, compelling, empowering, blah blah blah Love this KD. I look forward to following your journey thru life & reading more on your website. God bless


  2. From one poet to a much better poet, this is brilliant. You write in a way very similar to mine. Your words barely break through the surface, teasing the reader so that they are helplessly drawn to diving deeper. It’s an art, knowing the right amount to engage one’s curiosity and telling your audience how the story ends in the first page. It was refreshing to read something so thought provolone. I had no idea you were so talented.


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