Hanging on

I threw away my lasso
in an effort to be strong
One hundred moments since
my mind won't play along
It's hidden 'round here somewhere
The brain invokes a tease
Amygdala warped signals
fuel disease with ease.

By day the heart is happy
by night it may be sad
The dreams and goals of victors climb
four thousand feet up Gilead
Weakness creeps up quickly
spreading both to body and to brain
The hope of balm that cures the sick
flees faster than it came

One day I'll get to heaven
One day this pain will cease
But until the day of judgement
I'll be haunted by this beast
I hope that I can make it
to a natural soul escape
Some days I can't be present for
fear I'll burn the nape

What makes it possible each day
to take another step?
The love I have for humans
whom my heart holds unto death
I can't imagine pain inside
the heart of mommy's pride
or the ache my lover's heart might have
to never be my bride

I want to sing a joyful song
of hope unto suff'ring souls
But today I'm too weak for plastic smiles
my testimonial heart has holes
Some days vict'ry comes in shouts
other moments solely breath
In a puddle o' tears let's not forget
that life alone is a success.

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